Workplace Mobbing and the development of my psychological trauma for mind control

Workplace Mobbing Gang Stalking 


The following definition of workplace violence is used in this bill: “Workplace violence” means acts of violence that persons commit in a workplace and includes acts of physical or psychological violence, including bullying, mobbing, teasing, ridicule and any other acts or use of words that can reasonably be interpreted as designed to hurt or isolate a person in the workplace. taken from: Emotional Abuse in the American Workplace

In recent decades a phenomena within the workplace has been growing, one that is centered around organized harassments, intimidations, and bullying by a group of people who direct such organized behaviors at a single person. This phenomena has come to be known as workplace mobbing, mobbing indicative of the grouping centered around organized harasment. The harassment aims at the victim’s, or target’s psychology and easily fits the description of emotional abuse, as well as psychological harassment. The motivation for such organized harassment varies, and may stem from competition within the work environment or it may be part of another growing phenomena called gang stalking, or covert harassment. Gang stalking and covert harassment may be connected to a wider phenomena that extends beyond the targeted victm’s workplace, and may be aimed at totally violating the target’s entire life, with slander and other perpetrations that are intended to psychologically undermine the target, wreck the target’s marrage, and inevitably drive the target to either suicide, or institutionalization. Isolated cases of workplace mobbing may simply be workplace mobbing, and such activities encrouch on an individuals human rights. If the campaign is of a wider dimention, such as found in gang stalking, the destruction of the victim’s entire life will be sought. Direct Energy Weapons, covert manipulation of medications, chemicals substances laced in itmes of consumption, and gasses and fumes covertly administered in the target’s  environment that act on the mind in negative ways may be used in these campaigns. Direct Energy Weapons and EMF microwave harassments, in use with covert harassment, may be orchestrated in such fashions as to cause depression, suicide, violent episodes, or just daily mood changes that disrupts the individual’s life to such an extent that it futher compounds the disruptions caused by stealing of mail, psychological harassment, sabotages of property, vehicles and appliances, and orchestrated attempts to financially ruin the victim. With Direct Energy weapons, covert chemical perpetration, and medication manipulations we are looking at something called mind control. For some details about the reality of Direct Energy Weapons see : Mind Control In The UK by Tim Rifat BSc BEd. 

      • Gang stalking, literally, is an attempt to alter the mental, nervous or emotional state of a target individual; gang stalking, said plainly, is MIND CONTROL. GANG STALKING could be defined, loosely, as any action taken by an organized group of individuals to cause intentional emotional duress in another individuals life

I have been a target of workplace mobbing, otherwise severe psychological and emotional abuse in the workplace, and today, some 17 years later, I am a victim of organized covert harassment, or Gang Stalking , as well as a victim of some pretty serious covert operations involving technology, implantation, that easily equate as torture. This is called Mind Control  . I now can correctly and honestly conclude that I first experienced this sort of covert harassment as a senior in undergrad back in 1989-90, when a group of co-opted theatre students brought me into their social circle and were to psychological and emotionally terrorized, demean, and trash me. I was also victimized a class, one time, a victimization that threw me into a psychological mess, one that would last for years.  I then became the victim of a traumatic workplace mobbing at a job in the summer of 1990, after I graduated, that was also to define much of my psychology as an adult. The incidences in undergrad focused on undermining my psychology, and this would later be work in a very directed and planned way at a place of employment in the Catskills, in the summer of 1990, after I had graduated. A friend was cleaverly enticed to take a summer job in the Catkills, one that offered free housing and long hours, plenty of over time. Of course he encouraged me to take the summer job with him. With very long work hours doing manual labor to tire one out, and living arrangements that put me with about 10 co-workers in a small summer cabin, it was ideal for total environmental control to initiate a planned psychological harassment that was aimed to paralyse my mental health.  I was discredited to my friend and eventually endured tactics that I now know as trades to workplace mobbing, and gang stalking. These tactics were to  psychologically get at sensitivities to judgement. Everyone I worked and lived with, and all the people in the store were behaving in ways that were designed to make me feel I was under survaillence and being watched for somethings, an intnese pervasive attack on my psychologically. There was no other intent being sought in what happened beyond causing a most awful psychological stress and emotional paralysis.  Shops, bars and restaurants  near where we lived enganged in the same behaviors that aimed at making me paranoid.  This is what organized stalking is all about, it is about killing a persons dignity, and screwing with the targets sense of guilt, or making feel they are under suspicion. This ‘making the target feel they are under suspicion’ in a most intense psychological way, is how I know I was covertly harassed some 17 years ago. After that summer, and bailing the job in an emotional breakdown, I would later encounter more subtle directed tactic in places of work now and then over the years, and thought it was just my anxiety, that was no doubt derived from the 1990 traumatic experience that would lead people to do it.  Stalked and my psychology worked for years and years. More then 12 years later, after the loss of my father, my last surviving parent, the organizers were able to go at me with a major assault that built slowly since 2002, and came to incorperate friends by 2003, family by 2004.

Over one year ago, in 2006,  I was hit with all the might, all at once. I struggled to make sense, and eventually got my wits and found out what this was all about. [The game that these sadistic criminals play has nothing to do with vigilante justice, they are sick beyond belief.] There is no need for this kind of enterprise, unless it is needed for unethical and terroristic experimentations on unwitting innocent citizens for mind control….by our government!!!!!! [and for the pleasures and craft of very sick individuals who are driven to cause others great pain, while watching them suffer, and hoping to cause them to act violent and get reported in the newspapers. These people perhaps aim to create killers. One must ask why cause someone undue pain and suffering through psychological torture?I could go on but I will not just to add, the media, big culprit too.Below is some writing that expalins some very strange but seriously criminal, torturous aspects of the mind control and gang stalking campaign against me.

My torture 

  • Laced cigarette at LA International Airport: eye dilation, nervousness, strange body sensation.
  • FLIGHT FROM LA TO DENVER, Feburary 28th, 2006, evening. During landing covert chemicals put around me while two younger men sat near me. Chemical acted on my mind, eye dilation, intent to cause me to freak out on an airline in flight.
  • DAYS INN DENVER INTERNATIONAL, Feburary 28th/march 1st, 2006: Intense microwave torture, possible chemical perpetrations, laced cigarettes. Psychologically harassed/tortured by perpetrators posing as staff. 

  • I have lost keys to storage units through this covert harassment, once when I was drugged, in June, 2006, and attempted suicide, while in Denver, after I was pushed homeless by perpetrator influenced family members. I lost others during a move from an apartment, when I was seriously assaulted by chemicals and gaslighting, in the beinging of the all out assault in 2006 Feburary.

  • I have been living from a bag of few belongings for more then a years. Kept from my own things the perpetrators help to keep me oppressed and feeling destitute. Attempt to get at my things are met with disrespecting conditions from perpetrator influenced family members, or receive intense EMF wave harassment as I communicate with a sibling about helping  get things from my storage. 

  • I have lost airline boarding passes for flights I endure harassment on, and was given no receipt at the Days Inn in Denver on March 1st 2006, even when I asked countless times.

  • Chemicals covertly administered incrementally over months to a year, undermining my psychology. Fumes through vents in psychatric facilities, West Pine Behavioral Health, Wheat Ridge, Colorado.

  • Heinous covert scent and chemical fume harassment done in various locations, facilities of recovery and psychiatry, other people’s homes, street, public venues, airlines.

  • The following has been perpetrated against me for more then a year in my own home, places of dwelling, other peoples homes, psychiatric and recovery facilities : ongoing tampering with the taste of foodstuff and beverage, substances to act on my mind put in alcoholic drinks, corruption of taste and chemical additives (to act on my nervous system) put in cigarettes and coffee.

  • Major theft of personal possessions, ie: computer and other valuable into the 1000s of dollars 

  • Illegal entry into apartment, tampering with personal items, foodstuff, beverage

  • Strange tasting beers served to me at restaurants and bars, sometime with additives that act on my mind, either enhancing the alcohol effect, or making me more vulnerable to staged tactics played out in the venue.       

  • EMF microwave radiation, with intents to induce suicide, violence, depression, psychosis like symptoms

Mind Control  How I lost my sense of smell through a medical violation that would became a serious covert experiment. Altered Olfactory, covert fumes and gasses, and my torture by State Sponsored Terror campaign

In addition to electronic M[ind] C[ontrol] , chemical methods have also been developed. Mind-altering drugs and different smelling gasses affecting brain function negatively can be injected into air ducts or water pipes….. – Microchip Mind Control, Implants, and Cybernetics

In May of 2005 I was drugged unconscious and suffered what later I can say was a medical violation to my nasal cavity. Possibly implanted, and most definately had a directed surgical alteration of my olfactory nerves done for the following intents:

  • 1. a condition that would be used in harassment using specific oderants that act on the mind that alter mood can help in manipulating behavior   
  • 2. to induce a pseudo-phantasia, in an effort to cause me to look psychotic.    

This olfactory alteration was enventually used to induce a phantosmia, distortion of the sense of smell. This was to help label me as suffering from psychosis during the intense assault that followed a set up for theft that involved a women I knew, who seduced me into using an illicit substance, in Feburary 2006.

In May 2005, there were no co-opted women, nor illicit drugs in my life, but I was drugged unconscious through substances put in an alcoholic drink at a popular night spot in the city I lived in. After an injury that same night, which was made to look like an attack by thieves, I had no sense of smell. The injury involved much loss of blood from my nasal cavity, and was unconscious through the medical violation. I woke when attendents of the establishment knocked me in the head, to wake me up, and stated ‘you can’t sleep here’. In Feburary 2006, when the gaglighting and gang stalking assault began, artificial oderants specific to harassment became detectable. I might add that in January 2006, two friends very involved in the covert operation tested my smell in a very cleaver way, when I was at their home, and oderants were put in a container of chips that I was enticed to open, afterwich I stated, “my smell is coming back”. The two exchanged glances at one another when I stated this. 

There was some endeavor to orchestrate some harassment and mind control technique using the the manipulation of the human olfactroy system, and I have had a most heinousphysical  violation done, and at this time get no support for a medical examination concerning this by family. This has been done to me. The science of olfactory and behavior is something being studied today. There is much investigation on this subject. I can confirm that the oderants created and covertly used on me have the ability to cause a brief dulling of my vocal capability, agitation, frustration, sexual arousal, and more. These oderants act specifically on the olfactory nerve connecting to the hippothalamus, and if I cease to breathe through my nose during a covert gang stalking perpetration the desired sensations being sought by the harassers ceases.Strange, and very difficult to believe, though I might point out that these campaigns endeavor to create tactics that will appear dellusional when the victim (target) talks about them to others.

Since being harassed in the pervasive assault, I am victim of some very sick tactics, that lead me to believe that the people doing this are beyond criminal, they are demented, sadistic, and addicted to the behavior. The US government takes no measures against these gang stalking acts, and this is very scary, as it is ongoing torture, leading me to conclude that the government either is complicit with acts of gang stalking, use it themselves, or is a way to implement experimentations using electronic non-lethal weapns on unwitting citizens.   

It is certain that people close to me know about this aspect (olfactory alteration/fumes and strange smelling oderants) of my harassment, but they all have been co-opted by the harassers and will fall victim to serious consequences if they side with me, or talk about this to anyone.

A note on Direct Energy Weapons 

Having the excitation potential for suicide beamed into your brain day and night by microwave mind control weapons, soon resets the brain into a cycle of depression that spirals out of control ending in suicide. Many intelligence and technical officers in the UK, who have spilled the beans, or could be a potential leak, are driven to commit suicide by the special mind control teams run by MI5. If you look at the long list of UK military and intelligence experts who inexplicably commit suicide, one can see an underlying mind control logic that drives them to kill themselves. Behavioural reinforcement is used in a synergistic way with the mind control. It was found that the effect of the microwave beams could be greatly enhanced by external reinforcement. Intelligence community personnel destroy the target’s property, ruin their financial affairs spread vicious rumour, make sexual peccadilloes public
knowledge ….

. Mind Control In The UK by Tim Rifat BSc BEd.

Here are references on gaslighting, a technique of mind cntrol and psychological harassment:

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